About Us 

JUST ADD LETTUCE™ is the latest American Food innovation by Anthony Mongiello and Formaggio; the people who brought you these American Classics: String-Cheese Snack Stick, Stuffed-Crust Pizza and Gold, Silver and Bronze, Domestic and International award-winning Fresh Mozzarella Products. JUST ADD LETTUCE™ is available in four Old-World varieties thus far; Greek, Italian, Spanish and Bleu Cheese.

Sometimes described as Salad Starters and Salad Toppers, the four JUST ADD LETTUCE™ varieties will amaze your guests and astound your taste buds with the new, three dimensional, deliciously-crafted Flavor Profiles. Chunks of Real Cheese and Fresh Vegetables, Authentic Seasonings & Zesty Spices can be poured over bagged lettuce to create an instant gourmet salad that families will welcome into their homes and onto their tables, be it the dinner or picnic table, time and again.

It’s time to JUST ADD LETTUCE™  

Favorite Serving Suggestions: 

• Pour over your favorite bagged lettuce for a three-dimensional salad!
• Toss with Bow-Tie Pasta or your favorite short-cut pasta!
• On crackers as an appetizer or snack!
• Mix with your favorite cooked rice!
• Drain oil and serve as a side dish!
• Or Delicious on its own!  

A good rule of thumb is:
Use 8 ounces of Just Add Lettuce™ for every 8ounces of lettuce/salad.
So a 1:1 ratio by weight! Easy!